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The Nokia N76 Is A Quad Band Phone
The Nokia N76 is a quad band phone. It gets good reception on EDGE networks. Since it`s an unlocked, quad-band phone, you just pop in your SIM card, 안전놀이터사이트 and you`re ready to go with either of those carriers. But the handset just doesn`t get very loud, which is especially a problem with the speakerphone.
Transmissions from the speakerphone sound hollow, and I misdialed over and over again on the flat, nearly feedback-free keypad. The Nokia N76 Red can be your best camera pal, as it comes with superb camera features. You can grab all special moments with its 2.0 mega pixels camera.
This Nokia N series mobile phone is supported by 20x digital zoom and a dynamic resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. You can also record video footage to re-live the whole incident again. The Nokia N76 mobile phone offers the best of compatible technologies with WCDMA, EGPRS, GPRS, CSD and HSCSD.
Nokia N76 Black is an attractive example of the style favored in the States. It`s a broad, flat device (4.2 by 2 by 0. Here is more about 안전놀이터사이트 stop by our page. 6 inches, at 4.1 ounces) that looks a lot like a Motorola RAZR, with a large 1.4-inch, 160- by 128-pixel LCD screen and music control buttons on the outside of the flip. Inside, there`s a big 2.4 inch, 320-by-240 color screen and a very flat metallic keypad with buttons trimmed by attractive blue text.
The Nokia N76 mobile phone runs on the popular Symbian Operating System, which is supported by S60 3rd edition FPI to enhance the performance. With such a powerful backup, the Nokia N76 is an easier communication tool that works like a consummate multimedia computer to take a very good care of your various requirements. It is endowed with a clamshell design and perfected by the metallic finish to make it an exquisite piece of mobile art. Just check out online site website N-series Mobile Phone Nokia N76 in NewYork
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